Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Capitalism 2.0

The Naples Institute is putting together its first book now, with the working title of "Enlightened Leadership." I'll share more about that as we go, but suffice it to say that one best-seller has already submitted his chapter to the editor, Ken Shelton of Executive Excellence Magazine, for review. It's damned good, too.

Here's something I shared with a couple of the contributors:

I'm already thinking of The Naples Institute's next book: "Capitalism 2.0" The premise being that there was Adam Smith/Industrial Revolution/Robber Baron "primitive capitalism," a zero-sum game, and that now - with our globally dependant trade, our corporate interdependency, our freelancing professionals, and our ever-increasing eco- and socially-conscious bent to consumerism - we're just at the periphery of something far more sophisticated, interesting... and profitable!

Don't get me wrong: very few people in business today get that, and those that are entrenched in primitive capitalism will see it as a challenge to the status quo that has worked for them all their lives. Very few would agree it's even possible, or (my least-favorite word) "realistic." But we see some hints of it, and I for one think it would be a fun challenge to paint this picture not of what is, but what may one day be.