Monday, November 26, 2007

An Odd Thing

This seemed strange to me until I finally figured it out, so it's sure to sound odd to you as well.

Of all of my professional endeavors - Coine Language School, invention of the Coine Method, Coine Training, our two books, my speaking fee and the audience reactions I draw - Naples Social Action is what I'm proudest of.

An online calendar and e-newsletter! Go figure.

Well, I finally figured it out. NSA isn't for me - not at all. It doesn't pay my bills, it isn't helping me build a career... it's really just a hobby effected by gamma rays and grown way bigger than I ever dreamed (and it's only started!).

The descendant of Puritans, guilt is just a fact of my life. I feel I have to make a positive contribution to society, just because.

And you know what? If I am run over by a bus later today as I cross the street, I will know that I've worked hard and well to create something that can change our community - and other communities nationwide - for years after I'm gone. No matter what else happens in my life, I started, and in so doing I made a difference for the better.

That's why it makes me proud. Now I get it.