Friday, May 30, 2008

My Friends

I relish the company of friends whose opinions differ from my own. I'm not being facetious. You see, I already know what I think and why. I'm much more interested in what other, possibly better-informed or more-intelligent, folks have to say.

When I'm with friends who are either more liberal or more conservative than I, or more pessimistic or cautious, for that matter, it gives me the chance to strengthen my arguments or to change my views - something I am happy to do (though that may surprise those of you who know how strongly I feel about... well, about most things.)

I had the unparallelled luck a while back to fall in with perhaps the most intelligent, informed, and delightfully quirky bunch of Friends I've ever had. These are the leaders of CFI Naples, my "philosopher's club." We break bread together once or twice a week, and talk about anything at all - many of my recent entries in this blog were inspired by live and online conversations with this crew. The discussions can range far and they can heat up pretty quickly. I enjoy every minute of each one!

If you do one thing next month, join us for the general CFI meeting/discussion on Tuesday, June 10th at 6:30 pm - more details can be found on the calendar at

CFI's monthly meetings provide arguably the most lively and interesting discussion in Greater Naples. Conservatives, liberals, believers and doubters, and all in between enjoy exploring some of the day's most controversial topics in a respectful, collegial atmosphere. Check your dogma at the door but please, bring your curiosity and zeal for reason!